Temple History  

During the period of Vyvaswatha Manu, in 28th era, there were demons called Shumbha and Nishumbha. During their time Gods and humans were equally disturbed and Gods seem very difficult to defeat them. At last Gods started praying Lord Brahma. Pleased by their prayer, Brahma appeared and gave them a solution to defeat the demons- ‘pray the goddess (Parasakthi). After a long and dedicated prayer, goddess (Parasakthi) become happy and promised the gods that Parasakthi will incarnate on earth to kill the demons.

At that time in Madhurapuri, Kamsa - the son of Ugrasena was the king. He was one of the cruel kings in his time. To save the mankind and to end his reign of terror, Lord Mahavishnu decided to incarnate as Lord Krishna. The incarnation of parasakthi was highly demanded and thus Parasakthi originated in Yashodha Devi at Nandagopar’s house. With the support of Parasakthi, Krishna killed Kamsa. After that Devi went to Vindhyachalam and killed Mahishasuras. While escaping from Kamsa, Devi went to sky and fell as a stone in Vyndhya Mountains.

After many decades, a Kurava couple came to forest to collect fruits and grass. On the way they found a stone and the lady (Kurathi) started sharpening her knife which she used to cut the grass. While she started sharpening her tool, the stone started bleeding. It was of blood and milk. They got afraid and became unconscious. The kurava fellows came there and took them. They together went to astrologer & priests and inquired about the incident. They revealed that inside the stone, they can see the presence of Parasakthi. They said it’s the presence of Durga goddess.

When they sharpen the tool, they saw blood & milk and thus they named the place as ‘Chorampalur’. As time goes the name became ‘Perumpalur’ and the goddess become ‘Perumpaluramma’


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